4 Tips for Safe Internet Browsing 2021


4 Tips Penjelajahan Internet Aman 2021
4 Tips for Safe Internet Browsing 2021

Today, the Internet is widely used by all age groups and genders. People are aware of internet security but not a few take internet security for granted and it results in phishing, hacking, bank fraud, etc.

Today I'm going to share 4 of the safest Internet security practices that will save you from phishing and scams and online hacking.

Always check the Security Certificate

When browsing any website, make sure you check the URL address bar at the top of the browser. The url of the website must contain HTTP. There are two types of protocols used to serve websites to end users. One is HTTP and the other is HTTPS. HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol and HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure.

If you are making financial transactions on any website, it should run on HTTPS. Also, be sure to check the green padlock next to the left side of the HTTPS URL. This SSL certificate green padlock will tell you that on what behalf this SSL certificate is issued. This helps identify the authenticity of the website where you are conducting financial transactions.

Always use secure Wifi.

It is seen that many people are connected to unknown wifi in the public just for browsing the internet. It's not a safe practice. You should always be connected to a known and secure wifi connection if you want your files and browsing devices to remain safe from hackers. And if you have a wifi connection at home or work. Be sure to secure and protect your wifi hotspot device with a password to prevent unauthorized access to your personal internet.

Don't click any random links

Sometimes, people receive random offer messages on social media or their WhatsApp messengers. They just clicked on that link without thinking that it might be a phishing link. Don't click on unknown links as this can give access to your device to hackers. Phishing messages of this kind generally circulate in the form of attractive offers.

Remote Request Security

Nowadays, it is quite easy to hack or control any PC or device with the help of remote access. Hackers usually follow this practice to take control of the device easily. So it is quite mandatory for all internet users to use this feature with great care.

If you don't read any warnings or pop-up notifications or you click on the accept link without reading it. This can give remote access to your device to the other side of the user. So always before clicking any button or giving any permission, check the request message that appears in it.

By practicing these secure internet habits, you can protect yourself from hacking and other internet threats. Use technology for safe browsing with safe internet habits.