Advanced Automotive Technology That Will Open Your Eyes


Teknologi Otomotif yang Akan Membuka Mata Anda
Automotive Technology That Will Open Your Eyes

Good visibility is one of the most important considerations when designing a vehicle, and with ever-increasing safety standards, manufacturers are forced to review their efforts to balance the many active and structural protective measures found in their vehicles.

This is most evident in driver assistance systems that aim to reduce the barriers caused by prominent roof pillars in most existing modern vehicles to improve structural integrity. 

 Some of the latest technologies in automotive development are the following:

Jaguar's Immersive 3D Head-up Display

Tampilan Head-up Immersive 3D Jaguar

New 3D technology is currently being developed as part of the 'Smart Cabin' brand and next-generation head-up display. According to the brand, the feature will display important safety information directly to the windshield below the driver's direct line of sight in real-time, allowing the driver to keep an eye on the road at all times.

This may seem relatively standard, but the brand's focus is on the integration of advanced driver assistance technology, which is available at the same time.The information will be mapped to the road ahead, showing any related information that the system conveys. The technology will also assist drivers in improving outdoor visibility during bad weather or nighttime conditions. As an added bonus, passengers can also stream 3D movies directly from their seats.

Tesla Windshield Laser Light Technology

Teknologi Sinar Laser Kaca Depan Tesla
Tesla Windshield Laser Light Technology

Although not yet officially developed, automotive legend Tesla has patented a system that uses laser beams to clean glass, including windows and special cameras on vehicles.

The camera-based system will identify debris in the windshield, side or rear glass, and camera lens, and then laser beams will be emitted across the surface to illuminate the debris. This will certainly benefit the existing technology in Tesla vehicles, This is specifically the Autopilot system, but whether it will be implemented or not, depends on its effectiveness, reliability, and how much the innovation costs.

McLaren Ultrasonic Windshield Technology

Teknologi Kaca Depan Ultrasonik McLaren
Teknologi Kaca Depan Ultrasonik McLaren

McLaren is renowned for its focus on designing high-performance sports cars with vibrant live displays. And, innovation isn't limited to aesthetics and performance, here. The brand also wants to replace windshield wipers with high-tech innovations. Ultrasonic windshields are a new concept in which the induser thrills the windshield with high frequency, naked in the human eye, to physically remove debris and rainwater from the driver's vision. The technology is only found in fighter jets today, but McLaren aims to be the first to use it in roadworthy vehicles. As a performance-oriented automaker, the application of this technology is primarily aimed at removing windshield wipers, which have been shown to damage aerodynamics, and to reduce overall weight.

While we're not sure if this will be the best regular windshield wipers in comparison, what is certain is that this is very likely a performance flex of the supercar brand. If anything, regardless of bragging rights and comforts, It may also be beneficial for fuel economy in a regular car, given the small reduction in weight that might make the engine work a little less – but even this is a stretch.

Volvo Truck's 360-degree Scanning Technology

Teknologi Pemindaian 360 derajat Volvo Truck
Volvo Truck's 360-degree Scanning Technology

Volvo is a brand synonymous with safety, and its 360-degree scanning technology shows just how dedicated the brand is, not only to protecting drivers and passengers of their vehicles, but also to pedestrians.

 From the truck division emerged an innovation that allowed vehicles to perform 360-degree scanning to interpret the environment and even suggest action to drivers. The technology is called Non-Hit Car and Truck and is aimed at trucks that often experience conditions within cities where visibility is limited and pedestrians are at greatest risk of being involved in accidents. The system receives data from sensors, radar, and cameras located around the vehicle; If the driver does not respond to his instructions, the technology can automate the vehicle's steering and braking systems.

Alaina Gassler's Blind-spot A-Frame Technology

Teknologi Blind-spot A-Frame Alaina Gassler
Teknologi Blind-spot A-Frame Alaina Gassler

'From the community, to society, came new improvements to blind spots caused by the A-frame pillars in the car, engineered by a 14-year-old girl from Pennsylvania. Alaina Gassler developed technology that projects an image of what's behind the A-frame pillar, recorded by an exterior camera, onto the inside of the pillar so the driver can see what's behind it. Basically, this technology makes the pillars transparent. As you can imagine, this will be a big improvement for any car, especially larger SUVs, sloping roof coupes, and chunky crossovers. Alaina participated in a national STEM competition and came up with the idea after seeing the frustration of her family members while driving the family SUV due to its impractical size. This innovation promises to be better than a standard blind-spot monitor,

Although the technology is still very new and rudimentary, Alaina aims to enhance the idea by incorporating an LCD screen in pillars instead of projected images, where the exterior camera will convey an outside image. This will help reduce glare and increase screen visibility during different times of the day as well.

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