How to prevent anemia


Cara mencegah penyakit anemia
How to prevent anemia - Lack of blood or anemia is a condition when the body lacks healthy red blood cells or when red blood cells are not functioning properly. As a result, the body's organs do not get enough oxygen, making people with anemia pale and easily tired.

How to prevent anemia by applying a healthy consumption pattern. Preventing anemia can certainly be easily done, simply by meeting the intake of iron will certainly avoid you from the symptoms of anemia or lack of blood.

The thing that triggers the occurrence of anemia itself is not necessarily due to iron deficiency only. Lack of vitamin B12 intake and filic acid can also trigger anemia. Here are some things you can do to prevent anemia;

When we are anemic, we overcome it as soon as possible

Iron consumption

Start consuming food sources that have a high enough iron content. With the adequate intake of nutrients that have iron content will prevent anemia present in your life. Consuming foods high in bersi substances such as shellfish, oysters, beef liver, sardines, tuna, shrimp and grains will certainly meet the needs of iron through these food sources. In addition to consuming the type of food that has a rich content of iron, you also need to consume fruits and vegetables that have good levels of bes.

Consumption of vitamin B12

Sufficient needs for foods that have vitamin B12 content such as beef liver, lamb, cheese, eggs, even seafood become a source of food intake that has a high content of vitamin B12. With the fulfillment of the need for food intake that has a high vitamin B12 content, it can certainly prevent anemia. Besides being able to prevent anemia, by consuming foods that are loaded with vitamin B12 content will certainly prevent nerve damage in your brain.

Consumption of foods containing folfat acid

Consumption of foods that have enough folic acid content in foods such as types of legumes, peas, dark green leafy vegetables, and consuming corn are also able to meet the need for folic acid that can prevent anemia.


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